Denier Electric


Safety at Denier is more than a checkbox on a bid proposal. We believe that accidents are preventable and that an accident-free environment is achievable.

We recognize that risks exist on every job site, so we give those who work in the field the training, the responsibility and the accountability for preventing incidents.

Safety at Denier is managed by our full-time Corporate Safety Director with support from the company’s safety team. Our safety team is assembled by employees from various departments. Their on-the-job experience and extensive safety training equip them to draw up a specific safety plan for every job. They know the potential hazards to look for as a job progresses to completion.

Our commitment to safety goes even further. We believe that the personal health and safety of each employee is of primary importance. Every field employee completes an OSHA Outreach 10-hour Construction Safety Course and every supervisory field employee completes an OSHA Outreach 30-hour Construction Safety Course. All employees are offered a minimum of 24 hours safety education annually that covers a variety of corresponding safety topics to prepare them for potential hazards.

Our safety program and training is so highly regarded that we offer training to our General Contractor partners and other subcontractors. Currently we are in the process of completing the OSHA Challenge Program, to add even greater value to our Safety Program.

COVID-19 Response:

At Denier our employees are our top priority, we are committed to ensuring a safe work environment for all employees & those around us. We remain in compliance, following the requirements set forth by CDC, OHSA, WHO, & the general contractors who we work with. We are continuously monitoring the status and effects of COVID-19. Denier provides resources & open lines of communication with all employees & how they may be impacted. COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but we always find a way to get the job done right.