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Denier is an industry leader in electrical prefabrication with a proven ability to ensure that constructability, cost control, speed to market, and sustainability are integral to every building design.

Denier evaluates every construction project to determine how we can leverage our prefabrication capability to improve quality, safety, scheduling, productivity, and overall project control.

The prefabrication process sets a tone for a project that promotes standardization and quality. The planning required for prefabrication requires early decisions that minimize the potential for changes that negatively impact schedules and cost.

Any electrical contractor can buy or assemble components for a project. But Denier is uniquely positioned.

We've invested heavily in extensive prefabrication efforts for several decades. We make many of the components we use in our own projects.

Our 3-D modeling software and our experience with Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows us to identify opportunities to speed construction by prefabricating electrical components as well as working with other subcontractors on specialty prefab projects.

Denier currently has its own 31,000 square foot dedicated manufacturing and fabrication facility in Cincinnati and a 9,000 square foot facility in Columbus. These facilities are staffed with experienced electrical workers, sheet metal workers, welders, and various manufacturing equipment operators. Their efforts are supported with engineering, project design, equipment design, production software interface, and 3D CADD capabilities. And we have the advantage of a talented work force testing our products in the field.

Our patented components set us apart from our competitors. Denier Manufacturing manufactures and prefabricates Hubbell "Rough-in Ready" products which are sold to and used by other contractors. "Rough-in Ready" products have been manufactured and shipped for use at various projects nationally.

Our more than two decades of engineering experience in design-build puts Denier on the leading edge of the industry trend requiring more collaboration among design and construction team on the front-end of a project. And our prefabrication capability positions Denier to translate that collaboration into cost savings and speed to market for our customers.

Watch this Denier video explaining how technology and prefabrication methods expedite construction schedules, reduce manpower, and save money.

Discover how Prefabrication reduces construction time and saves money for the Mercy West Hospital project.

Mercy West Hospital

Denier is leading the electrical contracting industry in the use of prefabrication and 3-D computer programs to save time and money on the job. Denier designs and manufactures pre-assembled electrical components off-site, months before they are needed on the job. Prefabrication improves product quality, guarantees on-time delivery, cuts waste and reduces manpower required for installation. Additionally, Denier uses state-of-the-art 3-D computer graphics and Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the design phase of construction. This state-of- the-art technology enables Denier to easily detect and avoid clashes with other trades before construction begins. It also provides a permanent record of every electrical component for future reference during upgrades, replacement or even building demolition