Denier Electric


At Denier, we are proud to be known not only for the quality of our work but the productivity of our employees and the value we bring to every project.

One of the keys to our success is always having the right number of trained workers available for every job.

That starts with recruiting and retaining the best workers who appreciate our commitment to our employees and our best-in-class benefits. Our turn-over is among the lowest in our industry.

Denier has a core of 200+ field electricians and apprentices in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus area. When demand increases, we can shift workers among these markets and we can call on trained staff working in other Denier divisions. We also can count on a unique capability of Denier – our prefabrication division can manufacture electrical components for a project to reduce our on-site manpower needs.

At Denier, we never forget that our success in manpower management is much more than a system. We provide the training, tools, and supervision to allow our employees to deliver the quality for which Denier is known. Our incentive program gives our workforce the opportunity to share in the fruits of their productivity. The resulting efficiency allows us to operate with smaller crews than others in the industry. This efficiency translates into the ability to forecast more effectively and the assurance that schedules will be met.

Denier is actively seeking exceptional individuals who are considering a career as an electrician.