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Denier is a pioneer among electrical contractors in using BIM & 3D Modeling to help minimize errors, speed construction, and as a result reduce costs for developers and building owners.

Our in-house engineering staff creates three dimensional models of structures and design components in Revit or AutoCAD MEP.
  • When combined with information from other trades utilizing Navis, we're able to perform "clash detection" and correct conflicts with other trades, such as plumbing and HVAC, that would otherwise arise on the job site during construction.
  • This also allows prefabrication of selected components off-site before they're needed, even prior to construction. For example, BIM modeling enabled us to work with other trades to prefabricate 241 virtually complete bathroom pods for the Mercy West Hospital project in Cincinnati. We also prefabricated 144 20' sheet metal channels with pre-laid electrical, plumbing and HVAC components that will be installed above the hallways as the hospital is built. With this advance information in hand, we were able to buy the exact amount of wiring and raceway needed for our harnesses and reduce cost with discounted bulk purchasing.
  • BIM and 3D Modeling also enable identification of more efficient construction approaches. On the Mercy West project, we analyzed the modeling and realized it would be better to route all conduits underground into the main electrical room rather than overhead. There was time to install the conduits before the concrete floor was poured.
  • Information about every electrical component can be loaded into BIM software and – when combined with information from other trades – provides the general contractor and later the building owner – with readily accessible maintenance information for repairs or replacement.
  • At Denier, the high quality of BIM modeling results from the field experience of the designers, all of whom are or have been electricians.

BIM modeling is just another example of our commitment to use technology to help deliver the highest quality of work for general contractors and building owners.

Watch a short video about BIM (Building Information Model) at Denier.


With 70 years experience in electrical construction, Denier is now leading the industry in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3-D modeling and Total Station technology. Click here to see how Denier used state-of-the-art tools and prefabrication methods to save time and money during the design and construction of Mercy West Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.